Survival Tips 2017 (repost)

2017. Another year to conquer the world guided by goals and passion. Last year was a perfect mixture of triumph and failure, happiness and sorrows, sweetness and otherwise. As we walk to yet another age with optimism and that feeling of maturity from the previous years learning, the least to do is fulfill life on a day to day basis.

As a realtor by day, dancer by night metro girl, it’s a challenge to cap the day off successfully. There’s just so much to do, research and learn. At that minimal timeslot, results are already expected.

Real Estate: Market Research, Client calls, setting appointment, presentations, follow-ups, marketing, office meeting (minimum of 4 hours productivity) the rest is driving, coffee breaks, errands

Dancing: choreography for class, lesson plan, 30 minutes work out, energy fueling

Everyday is almost overwhelming. So for this year, here is my survival plan:

Morning Routine:

5am blog writing – this is when brain works like an energizer bunny

6am bible reading and reflections.  Perfect time to know Jesus and reflect on life’s purpose. Perfect tip to avoid overwhelming thoughts, self-doubt and low self-esteem

7am Ceareal Breakfast

730 am Exercise infront of TV. Multitasking or at least stop counting and start feeling

10am Be in the war room. I meant office. Start the war. Be kind and loving to everyone, especially to those you don’t like that much. It’s an effort, a challenging one. But believe me, it’s a pill to make your day and the coming days better.

Will continue with the rest of the day survival tip on my next Blog.

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