Real Estate Title Transfer in the Philippines

Having the title transferred to a buyer’s name may be tedious or easy depending on how well-versed your broker is in dealing with the step by step transaction. Each city or municipality in the Philippines vary on their turn-around-time. And yes, the fees also vary. Let us cite the frequently asked queries and answer them in layman’s term.

Q.  How long does the whole process take.

 A.  The fastest is 1.5 months with complete documents and no irregularities on each documents.

Q.  How much does it costs total?

 A. Standard estimated cost  of the major payment range from  3.5% – 5% of the Contract Price. Meaning, for every P1,000,000.00, the minimum cost is P35,000.00. Additional costs will be incurred on various  legal and professional services. The more automated the city is, the faster their turn around time, but it does come with higher computation of fees.

Q.  What will make the process fast?

A.  Update your BIR TIN prior buying or selling a property. These is one of the reasons why the transfer process gets delayed. Update the Assoc Dues and other building Maintenance bills as well.

Q.  How can I make the cost lesser?

A.  Complete and updated documents is a must. Get just one Notarial Attorney to have your documents notarized. You’ll likely to get huge discounts on the fees. Time is part of the expenses. Always bring all the documents with you together with at least 3 photocopies of each. BIR, City Hall and the Registry of Deeds always request for 1 batch of photocopies.

Q.  What documents are needed?


1. Certified True Copies of Tax Declaration, Condominium Certificate of Title (for Condo) or Transfer Certificate of Title (for Lands)

2.  Updated BIR TIN for all buyers and sellers.

3.  Valid Government Issued IDs

4.  Certificate of Management (if Condominium)

5.  Payment or Transmittal Receipts

6.  Special Power of Attorney (for the broker)

7.  Deed of Absolute Sale

8.  Other documents as may be imposed by the Government.

TIP: Get the contact number of each Government Offices you are dealing with, give them a call prior transacting with them. This is to avoid wasted time and efforts.

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