PRC accepts Online Renewal OF PRC LICENSES for professionals

Is your PRC License expiring soon? Worry not, as you can avail renewal online even with incomplete requirements by signing an Undertaking for CPD units and Submitting a Surety Bond. Acceptance of applications are valid until December 2021.

Here’s how:

STEP 1: Register or Sign-In to

Requirements to register for those without existing accounts:

  • E -mail address (with password)
  • Your mobile number (ex. 09271234567) – Personal data
  • ID photo in .jpg format saved on your computer, phone or tablet
  • Valid ID Card

STEP 2: Fill out the form with your personal Info :

  1. Input First Name
  2. Input Middle Name
  3. Input Last Name
  4. Input Suffix (leave blank if none)
  5. Select Gender
  6. Input Civil Status
  7. Input Birth date
  8. Input E-mail address
  9. Input desired password (Password must be at least 6 characters and composed of letters, numbers and special characters)
  1. Select School attended
  2. Select Course taken
  3. Input Date of Graduation
  4. Answer the prompt (Then input the necessary info)
  5. Input Valid ID number
  6. Input place where ID was issued
  7. Input Issuance date of ID
  8. Answer the prompt
  9. Select option concerning notifications
    A. Click to save information (Click the next button to confirm saving of information)
    B. Click on the box if transaction is for Renewal of PRC ID

Upload your Photo

  1. Click the button to proceed
  2. Read the photo requirements
  3. Read the guidelines
  4. Click to upload photo
  5. Click to choose photo to upload
  6. Click to zoom in or out the
  7. Click to confirm uploading of

Important Note: If you will be filing for the Petition for Change of Registered Name due to Marriage and/or Petition for Correction of Entries or Data, please proceed to the PRC Central Office or to the nearest Regional Office to file said petition/s.

Once your petition has been approved, you can proceed with the renewal of your Professional Identification Card in this website.

The maximum processing time for the Petition for Change of Registered Name due to Marriage and/or Petition for Correction of Entries or Data is two (2) months or 60 days from receipt of complete documents.

STEP 3: Once inside the home page, Click SELECT TRANSACTION

STEP 4: Fill in your PRC License details

  1. Click to select transaction
  2. Select Renewal Tab
  3. Select Profession
  4. Input License Number
  5. Click to confirm selection

PRC RESOLUTION NO. 1240 Series of 2020 allows the crediting of Non-PRC Accredited Activities for the Renewal of PRC License.

Download Forms at

Hope this eases some of your tensions away. Goodluck!